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Kristen Goshorn

Kristen Goshorn is the founder of the popular new post-production professional development web series: Women Influencing Post Production.


I started this show with nothing. Actually, its the second show I started because the first one totally bombed. My goal was simply to get better at talking with people, specifically ones who share an interest in editing. That way, if my communication skills didn't improve, at least it wouldn't be a total failure.

I'll be honest, it's been a rough road. I started the show with nothing but debt and all the responsibilities of a mom of two boys in a single wage-earning family with exactly negative $0 resources.

But I also had a whim, desire, and determination to keep a promise to my Grandmother. Gram always wanted the best for me, to see me succeed in every way - from keeping hair out of my face, to wearing a heavily padded bra, to becoming the successful entrepreneur we always knew I could be (I love you Gram).

You've heard it said the only way to fail is not to try. Yeah, that's true. But it's more complicated than that - trying at one thing takes time and resources away from other possibilities - and its perfectly possible to try your darnedest your whole life and get nowhere. Trust me, I've been doing that in ways for 30 years. There are times I feel like maybe this is all madness. Hustle isn't all that glamorous outside of Instagram land. But deep down I know - I know with every fiber of my being - that this is gonna work.

Some other person that had to start somewhere (the Jeff Bezos) said, “Entrepreneurs must be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time."

To Jeff I'd like to say, "Hey buddy, willingness aint got nothin to do wit' it. This' a pre-existing condition."

I wanted this show. I wanted to be a success - to be someone my family could be proud of - and I wanted to finally be at a point in my life where I felt connected to someone beyond my front door. I think a lot of stay-at-home moms can relate to that.

So try I did, and here we are. I've still got no money and a yacht's worth of debt, but I've become rich in friends and acquaintances and purpose around our community's central passion of rippin' it up in post production.

The world needs that creative edge that only you bring. Your vision, your talent, your skill, your voice. I'll help you become the successful filmmaker you want to be. Stick with me, get involved, connect with our guests, delve into my free weekly resources, ask questions, and support it all by making a financial contribution and/or purchasing merchandise from the show store.

The possibilities are limitless. Welcome to a new path forward in your professional film career. Let's make it happen, together!

Yours truly,


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