Kelsey Brannan, also known as Premiere Gal, is a hugely successful YouTuber, with over 250K subscribers. Her weekly content features “fun and cool creative tutorials” for video editors and filmmakers. If you’ve ever thought about building your own platform on YouTube, this episode is for you! Kelsey and I talk about her career path, the keys to building a profitable social media channel, and what’s next for digital media influencers.

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Big Ideas

Digital Relationships are really important because that’s where the personal relationships start.

“The industry has changed so much in the sense that people are not hiring specific roles so much anymore, at least in the digital media space, people are looking “ok I need somebody that can shoot, edit, write, do everything,” and I identified with that. And rather than just Producer/Editor, I put “Shreditor” because I do like to film as well. So the SH is for shooting… Basically YouTubers are Shredators, so it was a natural progression for me to go into this space.” 

“You’re biggest regrets in life will be on the things you haven’t done. Right? In all the other projects that I’ve done, it’s not that I’ve given up, I just knew it wasn’t working, and that’s ok. And you can evolve into something else… You have to have failures in order to then have success.”

“Reach out to people that you admire. You’d be surprised at if they’re going to respond to you because they’re just human too. They may feel like they’re out of your league, and sometimes they are super busy and they might not respond, but rather than approach it like you wanna get something from them, show how you add value to them. Or like, have a reason why you want to reach out.”