Submit Your Film

Women In Post is a budding vodcast community dedicated to finding new ways to celebrate and empower female filmmakers in post production. We recognize that one of the biggest obstacles for women in film is simply the barrier to entry, and the use of credits for exclusivity. To meet this challenge head on, we’re establishing #IMDbMentorMonday on our Instagram channel to meet these filmmakers where they are and help them grow. Each Monday we’ll feature the work of an “IMBd Virgin” (female editor, sound designer, composer, or colorist) and invite the Women In Post community to give feedback on their film and connect with them on social media.


To be considered, the lead editor, sound designer, composer, or colorist of the film being submitted must be a woman currently without credits on IMDb. You must OWN the full rights to the film, or have PERMISSION from the owner(s). After your submission, you will be emailed an image release. This release must be signed by all parties involved with rights to the film, and returned before your release date. We will limit releases to one film per week. Scheduling is based on availability. Entrant must have an Instagram account, and be a follower of @womeninpost at the time of entry and date of release.


  • Films (or clips) should be between 1 to 8 minutes in length. Films over 15 minutes will NOT be considered. If your film is longer than 15 minutes, please consider submitting highlights of the film you would most like feedback on. Multiple highlights compiled together should be delineated via dip to black so that viewers understand clips are not necessarily sequential.
  • We CANNOT showcase films with nudity, excessive violence or sex.

What You Can Expect

  • All accepted submissions will receive credit and a link to their Instagram handle.
  • If at any point you need your film to be taken down, let us know and it will be taken down. We also retain the right to remove the film from our channel for any reason.
  • If released on our channel, we provide you with the Instagram engagement stats (including reach and impressions) for your video one week after publication. We encourage you to personally monitor the feedback you get from our audience in the form of likes and comments.
  • We add a watermark to deter theft and a short fade in/out of our “Women In Post” logo and #IMDbMentorMonday title at the beginning/end of every film.
  • Releases on Women In Post for #IMDbMentorMonday constitute Test Screenings for the purposes of feedback, mentorship, and network building. We do NOT require first rights to your film. Similarly, release on our channel is NOT to be used as premiere or debut of your film.
  • There is no fee for submission. We do ask that you consider purchasing some of our awesome Women In Post merch to help support what we are doing for women filmmakers. Thanks!